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19th Century Ormolu Animal-Form Mantel clock

Release date:2023-03-09
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19th Century Ormolu Animal-Form Mantel clock

Inventory Number: C2301001

Made in Paris circa 1810, the dial and movement signed Breguet à Paris, 16 cm high, 18 cm long, 7 cm wide. Gilt bronze (Ormolu) case, the base decorated with carved grape vines, the overall shape with a small dog carrying a basket of fruit in its mouth as a thematic scene. White porcelain dial with Breguet hands and Breguet numerals. Circular pocket-watch movement with fusee and chain, silvered regulator, verge escapement.

Functions: hour and minute.


Ormolu(Gilt Bronze)

Ormolu was popularly used by French craftsmen in the 18th and 19th centuries for ornamental fittings for furniture, clocks, and other decorative items.

True ormolu is gilt bronze, that is bronze that has been coated with gold using a mercury amalgam, applied, and heated, after mercury was evaporated, the gold remained. The mercury evaporated, and due to its poisoning, most gilders did not survive beyond 40 years of age, consequently, the use of mercury was outlawed by French legislation after around 1830, but it was still commonly used until around 1900, electrical plating techniques were introduced to replace ormolu.