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Visit Guide


Visit Guide

Admission fee: MOP 60.00



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1. This ticket is valid for one person to enter the venue at one time only; duplication, forwarding, and reuse are not valid;

2. Please refer to the entrance guide for more information and cautions;

3. The Macau Timepiece Museum reserves all the rights to the final explanation.

4. Visitors can enjoy a discount on purchasing museum souvenirs with admission tickets (each ticket can be redeemed for MOP 10, with no quantity limit).

Opening Hour

Open daily 10:30-18:00 (Last Admission: 17:30)


*The museum may be closed during the Lunar New Year holiday or under special circumstances. Please check the museum's official WeChat account or website for the latest updates.

Visiting Experience

We officially launched our website on May 19, 2019. In addition to learning various information about timepieces through explanatory signs on-site, visitors can also scan the QR codes to access more detailed information and watch operation videos of the timepieces. 

Detailed explanatory introductions of all the museum's exhibits are uploaded on the official website, enabling visitors to not only admire the physical objects but also learn more about the stories behind each antique timepiece, the historical context, scientific functional explanations, and the decorative artistic aesthetics and various craftsmanship applications such as enamel and ceramics.

After scanning the QR codes, the mobile page will automatically redirect to the corresponding exhibit information page.


 Scan the QR code for more information about the exhibits.

Starting from March 16, 2024, we have added the following activities to enrich the visitor experience:

The Demonstration of A 19th Century Music Box Inset with ClockExplain and demonstrate the operation, allowing the audience to appreciate the harmonious combination of classical music and intricate clock mechanisms, and understand the exquisite craftsmanship of watchmakers of that era.12:00 pm and 4:00 pm, Everyday.
Interaction and Communication with A WatchmakerProfessional watchmakers will be on-site, allowing visitors to not only observe the process of watch restoration and demonstrations of fully restored timepieces but also engage in direct conversations and close interactions with the watchmakers. Periodically
Seal Collecting 
Ask our staff to collect our museum stamps, creating unique travel memories and deriving pleasure from stamping these collected seals.Everyday