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GÜBELIN 18K Gold Open-face Pocket Watch

Release date:2023-03-21
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GÜBELIN 18K Gold Open-face Pocket Watch

Inventory Number: PW2102001DC

Made circa the 1930s by GÜBELIN, 18K gold open-face case, golden dial with Arabic numerals, cathedral hands, and railroad track. Manual-winding thin movement with lever escapement, 19 jewels, bi-metallic compensation balance.

Functions: hours and minutes.


This is a donation to Macau Timepiece Museum by Mr. Cheang Kuok Kuen

Date of Donation:2021.04.01



In 1854, Mauritz Breitschmid opened a watchmaker's shop in Lucerne. In 1861, Eduard Jakob Gübelin was born in Eastern Switzerland. He subsequently moved to Lucerne and was apprenticed to the watchmaker Mauritz Breitschmid.

1886 marked a special occasion in the young watchmaker's life as Eduard Jakob Gübelin married Bertha Sophia Breitschmid, the daughter of his old master. In the same year, the two men became business partners, managing the growing company together.

In the 1920s Gübelin opened its own jewelry atelier and at the same time set up a small gemological laboratory so that it could test – and be sure of the authenticity – of the stones its jewelers used. It also continued making and repairing fine watches for a discerning clientele, developing a reputation that soon reached throughout Europe and overseas.

In 1923 Eduard Moritz Gübelin-Schriber, the son of Eduard Jakob Gübelin-Breitschmid, founded the gemological laboratory to check the quality of the gemstones internally. [4] In the same year, the Gübelin company also began to manufacture their own pieces of jewelry. These are created in the in-house jewelry studio.

In 1945 Walter Gübelin, the son of Eduard Moritz Gübelin-Schriber, took over the overall management of the company and the watch workshop. His brother, the gemologist Eduard Josef Gübelin, is responsible for the gemstones and communication. Eduard J. Gübelin was a pioneer in gemology and has repeatedly shown that he is a specialist in this field.