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20th Century Retrograde Minutes and Digital Hours Pocket Watch

Release date:2023-03-17
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20th Century Retrograde Minutes and Digital Hours Pocket Watch

Inventory Number: PW2206007

Made circa 1905-1910 in La Chaux-de-Fonds by Courvoisier Frères, 49.8mm diameter. Gilded metal case with Guilloché (engine-turned) case-back, an escutcheon engraved with the monogram “A C”. Digital hours with the aperture at 12, retrograde minute-hands, and subsidiary seconds at 6.

18''' hand-wound movement, going barrel, straight-line lever escapement, uncut bimetallic compensated balance with gold poising screws and blued steel flat hairspring, polished steel index-regulator, engraved Swiss invention patent No. 27 838, delivered on May 5, 1903.

Functions: Digital hours, retrograde minutes, small seconds.


Retrograde Indications

Retrograde can be used in the hour hand, minute hand, second hand, and calendar hand, unlike the common circular motion, the retrograde hand moves along with arc- scale, and at the end of its cycle, returns immediately to zero and begin again.

Digital display refers to displaying the time by means of numbers instead of hands.