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18K Yellow Gold Bloodstone Pocket Watch

Release date:2023-03-23
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18K Yellow Gold Bloodstone Pocket Watch

Inventory number: PW2302001

Made Circa 1900 by Leroy & Fils, retailed by Mappin & Webb, 39mm. 18K yellow gold and bloodstone hunter case with diamond and gem-set. Two-sided bloodstone case with diamond embellished monogram on one side and diamond-set crown motif on the other. White enamel dial, Roman numerals, Breguet hands. Accessorized with Retailor Presentation Box.

Functions: hours and minutes.



Mappin & Webb (M&W) is an international jewelry company headquartered in England. Mappin & Webb traces its origins to a silver workshop founded in Sheffield in 1775; 248 years ago. It now has retail stores throughout the UK. Mappin & Webb has held Royal Warrants to British monarchs since 1897. The company's master craftsman Mark Appleby is the current Crown Jeweler of the United Kingdom.

Mappin & Webb expanded internationally beginning in the 1890s. Its first overseas store was established in Johannesburg, and stores soon followed in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Biarritz, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Cairo, and Bombay. However, the family lost control of the business in the 1950s, that all international stores closed in the second half of the 20th century.

The company now forms part of the retail group Watches of Switzerland. The Mappin & Webb company floated on the London Stock Exchange